Avalon78Casino – bonus codes, free spins, no deposit bonuses 2021 and not only

  • Avalon78Casino – bonus codes, free spins, no deposit bonuses 2021 and not only

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    The site design

    Regardless of how old you have been fond of such a hobby as gambling, whether you are a beginner or a hard-won pros who has searched more than a dozen sites in search of the best, the first thing you see after switching to an online casino site is the design itself site.

    Ever heard of Avalon? Yes, this is the same island on which, according to ancient legend, King Arthur was buried, one of the most famous rulers of the past, who possessed the same Excalibur, a magic sword.

    Accordingly, the name of the casino is not just a coincidence, but a calculated move, which can be noticed immediately after switching to www.avalon78.com.

    On the main page, right in the middle, you will see two men. It’s not hard to guess that most likely, King Arthur himself is standing in front, and Marilyn is protecting him from behind.

    Honestly, it is difficult not to plunge headlong into this atmosphere of the Middle Ages, the pages of the site are made like yellow sheets of a book, which has changed its color from time to time.

    On the Banner a little lower you can find Morgan and other characters of the legend, which fans of atmospheric casinos who not only work to get money, but with the goal of showing their uniqueness to customers, can really like it.

    Of course, there are times when the chosen channel of uniqueness does not fit at all in the modern world, but the ever-living legend will remain in our hearts for a long time, in other cases, like Avalon78 Casino, which started not so long ago, but has already gathered an army of fans, not numerous inferior to the army of King Arthur himself.

    Still not convinced of this with my own eyes? Then rather follow the link to get into the medieval world of gambling and win your first money on this site!

    Safety first!

    Safety first. This applies to absolutely all spheres of human life, whether you are at work, in a hospital or sitting at home at your computer – safety should always be in the first place. And this is not only about human health and well-being, it is about the security of personal data that casino receives in one way or another.

    By following the link avalon78.com, you can not worry about the fact that you want to deceive or steal personal data. Immediately after the transition, you will be notified that the site uses cookies, which means that it has access to your location and IP address, but do not be afraid. As King Arthur defended his hometown of Camelot, so Avalon78 Casino worries about the safety of absolutely all of his customers.

    This data is necessary only to simplify the registration process and reduce the chance of three that you are a scammer, so it is better to register on the site without using any proxy servers and VPN, because then it can come out sideways to you, since this is against the rules of the site.

    Now, regarding personal data. Protecting them is the direct responsibility of the Avalon online casino, which is guided in all its activities by a license obtained from the Malta Gaming Authority.

    This license allows the Avalon78 Casino to operate in many countries except England. It confirms the honesty of the casino and its concern about the personal data of users who are not transferred to any third parties.

    As for bank transfers and other methods of replenishing the game balance, here security has always been and remains at the highest level. To do this, there is a special encryption protocol and a secure translation page.

    No one will get access to your card, bank account or internet wallet under any pretext.

    This casino does not request any extra information, only the one that it needs by law.

    Bonuses and promotions

    New to avalon78.com? Get your first bonus.

    Many casinos, especially those that work online, offer their new customers various bonus offers, no deposit bonuses and other promotions, all in order to increase the popularity of their institution.

    And it really works, judging by the fact that now there is no online casino at all that does not come up with unique bonus offers.

    Naturally, the King Arthur casino is not an exception to the rule, because it will not be possible to achieve such huge popularity in such a short time without distributing various bonuses.

    What awaits you after registration? Immediately after you finish the registration, about which a little later, you will be able to get your first bonus in Avalon78. 78 free spins on your first deposit? Easy, just go to your personal account, top up your account and without entering any bonus codes get 78 spins in your bonus account.

    Not the most generous bonus that can be found on the Internet, agree? That’s right, because the action does not end there. In addition to these free spins, which by the way can only be used in a special game from the casino, you will receive 50% and 100% up to 100 euros, respectively, on your second and third deposits.

    It’s simple, depositing 100 euros for the second time, you get 50 euros in the bonus account, and the third time you get as much as 100 euros in the account.

    To receive the first bonus, you must deposit at least 20 euros, then you can immediately use your free spins.

    In addition, there is a special VIP system of levels, begin your journey in which you and Beaumains. Further, with increasing the level you will receive various ranks, already at the very last 12 VIP level you will receive the rank of King Arthur.

    Various bonuses of the account depend on the VIP level, which can be found in the Promotions section of the Avalon78Casino website.


    Can’t wait to register on this wonderful resource? Well then, why wait, let’s start directly to the registration process.

    In order to proceed to the registration form, you need to find the sign up button. We click on it and go to another page where we are prompted to enter all the necessary data and create a new account.

    A huge number of countries are available for registration on this site, so no matter from Canada or New Zealand, or from another country, you can still create an account at www.avalon78.com and win as much as you want.

    We start registration by entering your email. There, by the way, by mail, various notifications about current promotions and casino programs will often come, but you can either agree to receive the offer data or refuse. But, think twice, because in order to win more money, it is best to participate in promotions and receive absolutely all the bonuses that you are offered, this increases the chance of success.

    On the same page you need to come up with a password, choose the estimated currency and country of residence, most often it will already be selected, as the site has access to your location.

    On the next page, you will need to enter all personal information, which includes:

    • Name and Surname;
    • Year and Date of Birth;
    • City, address and postal code;
    • Choose gender.

    Further, we just have to agree or refuse to receive letters with information regarding bonuses, agree with the rules of the site, first getting to know them at least in brief so that there are no misunderstandings.

    Also, if you are under 18, you should immediately leave this site. According to the international laws that govern this casino, registration of users under the age of 18, even if it is legal in your country, is impossible.


    Complete security of personal data, an excellent support service that deserves a separate section in our analysis, pleasant bonuses for the first three deposits, all this prompts you to make your first payment in order to finally start playing for real money, and therefore win real money.

    For this you need to make a deposit. This can be done very easily and simply if you are already finished with your registration. All you need to do is log in to your account on the site, go to a special department, if you have already played in an online casino, then you can easily find it.

    For newcomers to the gambling business, I’ll say that in order to go there, just click the Deposit button, which is located in the upper right corner of the site, highlighted in red for easy detection and navigation on the site.

    Another convenient feature is the ability to change the deposit currency or add another one.

    So, we choose a convenient currency and method. There are a lot of methods for replenishing the account, you are unlikely to find more on any other site, but it all depends on your location. Because, depending on this, only some of the payment methods may be available, but in any case you will find them all under the option of changing the currency.

    Next, you simply follow the simple steps to complete the translation.

    For example, if you use a Visa or Mastercard credit card, you will need to enter its number, Svv code and other information.

    The minimum amount you can deposit at a time is 20 euros or dollars, depending on your currency. The maximum is 4,000 euros. If you have a promotional code, then you can enter it immediately on this page, as the very last step before making a payment.

    After the transfer, you will immediately be able to use all the means to play slots, card games or live casinos.

    Withdrawal options

    To withdraw funds, a prerequisite is the verification of the account. This rule is used by absolutely all casinos, the activities of which are regulated by Malta Gaming Authority and not only them.

    Without this, many gamblers can be deceived, because according to the rules of the site, you can’t register several accounts per person, you can’t use the services of the site until you reach adulthood and there are many other rules that must be followed, but without verifying the account, it will not be possible to verify this.

    In order to go through this process the first time and forget about it, because you need to do this only 1 time before the first withdrawal, after which the money will be withdrawn automatically, you need to send copies of your documents. To do it fast you need to adhere to some simple rules, for example, you need to photograph the document in full so that all 4 corners are visible.

    In addition, you need to send all documents as proof of your age, proof of identity and payment method.

    For a complete list of necessary documents, as well as for sending them, you go to the Documents section of your personal account on the site. After downloading them and waiting for an alert which inform that now you can safely request a withdrawal.

    A withdrawal request is also made from your personal account and is very similar to the replenishment process.

    There is also a minimum and maximum amount for withdrawal, which depends on your withdrawal method.

    Casino Avalon78 is also available from a mobile phone, so you can also request funds from your mobile.

    You do not need to download any programs.

    So, then we enter all the necessary data, following all the same steps. Casino Avalon78 is the place where payments go as quickly as possible. The waiting time is from one to three days, when in other casinos, the waiting time is up to 2 weeks.

    Support service

    To clarify some data, you may need support. After all, there are various technical problems, problems with the host, and others that can damage the player.

    This is where support comes to the rescue, which is able to not only answer all your questions regarding the site, but also solve them.

    You can safely write any question 24/7, and get an answer to it as soon as possible, because it is necessary not only for you, but also for the support team, because they are paid for it. Forget about embarrassment and doubt, ask everything.

    The red circle, inside which there is a cloud located in the lower right corner of the site, clicking on it will open a live chat with real-time support.

    There you can ask all your questions.


    And finally, we left the sweetest. What exactly? These are more than 2500 games, including various slots:

    • classic
    • with progressive jackpot;
    • video poker;
    • and much more.

    9 different providers, which are recognized by the world community as the best, have prepared an incredible number of slots for casino customers.

    And these are just slots, and there is also a live casino where you can meet other people in the chat room, play roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other card and just gambling games.

    All these advantages make the casino different from the rest. Such a lot of games can not be tested even during the month, if you play each at least an hour. Therefore, any gambler will find exactly what he was looking for in this place, and a pleasant design will only be a bonus for lovers of the Middle Ages and magic. Mobile slots are not inferior to computer ones. If your phone allows you to use the site, the Internet connection is stable, then you will definitely not regret choosing the mobile version of the free game from Casino Avalon78.

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